Chris Kennedy - U15 Coach

Chris Kennedy brings a wealth of experience to VK Basketball, with a coaching career spanning 37 years, including 8 years with VK. Throughout his extensive career, Chris has demonstrated a remarkable ability to lead and develop teams across all age groups from pre-K to grade 12.

His coaching accolades include leading the U17 Team BC to a gold medal at the Nationals in 1998. Additionally, he has successfully coached Junior Boys, Senior Boys, and Senior Girls Teams to the BC Championships Final 4, showcasing his versatile coaching skills. Chris’s leadership extends beyond the court; he served as the President of BC High School Boys Basketball and was honoured with the Ken Wright Award for Basketball Coaching Excellence.

In 2023, Chris was recognized with the Award of Citation by BC School Sports for his exceptional leadership in athletics in BC as an administrator. His foundational role at VK Basketball and his profound impact on high school sports underscore his dedication to fostering athletic and personal growth in young athletes.